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Richie Rich a.k.a:  the Poor Little Rich Boy, the Richest
                                Kid in the World, Richard Rich, jr.

TM(r) of the Classic Media LLC

The son of the Richest Man in the World, Richie Rich has everything a boy ever dreamed of:  Playhouses the size of mansions, Toys big enough to ride on, Personal Amusement Parks, his own Car to drive, the list is endless!
However, Richie prefers to play with his pals Freckles and Pee Wee Friendly, and his many girlfriends (Gloria Glad, Dot Polka, Little Lotta and maybe even Mayda Munny-though he'll deny it).
When not amusing his friends, Richie has to cope with the endless threats of Arch-Villains, Crooks, Kidnappers, Government Bureaucrats, Taxmen, Socialists, and even Communists, but mostly his obnoxious Cousin Reggie Van Dough and his endless bag of pranks!
Fortunately, his personal butler and bodyguard Cadbury is usually by his side to help him combat these dangers - along with Irona the Robot Maid, Bascomb the world's best Chauffeur, Nurse Jenny, Professor Keenbean and many others.
If necessary, his Father Richard Rich, sr. and the Estate Police and Security Forces will intervene.  The personal armed forces that protect the Rich Mansion, the Rich Estate and various Rich family holdings is perhaps second only to the entire United States Military Industrial Complex in it's scope and complexity!
However, Richie Rich and his Father still believe in the goodness of Mankind, which they encourage with Billions of Dollars of Charitable Donations.  The Rich Family is renowned for their humanitarian works and private employment initiatives that no doubt drive Socialist Consumers of Richie Rich Comic Books Insane!
The Idea that Private Industries owned by Multi-Billionaires, Trillionaires or Quadrillionaires in their case could actually benefit Mankind or humanity has led many left-leaning Professors of Humanistic and Socialist Programs at Colleges, Universities and in Foreign Governments to a frenzy of indignation to proclaim Richie Rich as mere Capitalistic Fantasy or Insidious American Propaganda or perhaps even a CIA plot to spread Yankee Imperialism - rather than simply an appealing childrens' comic book...


Richie Rich is currently published by KiZoic at Ape Entertainment under license by Classic Media LLC.


Richie Rich Fun Facts:

The Rich Mansion has a total of 1,009 rooms in it !

Richie Rich's Allowance is an amazing $100,000 a week !

The Rich Estate has 10,000,000 acres of prime real estate !

The other Rich real estate is worth over $ 2,000,000,000 !

The Rich Estate is valued at about $ 9,750,000,000,000 !


Richie Rich is a trademark of the Classic Media LLC holding company and all names and likenesses on this page are protected by trademark and copyright laws of the USA and international treaties.  No commercial use of these names or likenesses are allowed without the expressed written permission of Classic Media.