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Walt Disney's  UNCLE SCROOGE


Perhaps the most individualistic of all comic book characters, $crooge McDuck is famous for having nearly single-handedly acquired over a Trillion Dollars!
Working first as a shoe-shine boy, then going to the Alaskan Klondike as a miner, $crooge has travelled the entire world in making his fortune.  The fact that he has managed to make his money through personal effort is probably the most enduring message in his stories.
By himself, or with his nephew Donald Duck and his nephews, $crooge embarks on death-defying adventures to discover and recover historical treasures and map new frontiers.  More than just a businessduck, $crooge McDuck embodies the American spirit of frontiersman and adventurer that boys all around the world are drawn to and hope to emulate.
Currently published in the USA by BOOM! Studios, $crooge is published under many different names in countries around the world.  Whatever he is called, however, the relentless spirit of Carl Bark's character lives on...


BOOM! Studios

$crooge McDuck was originally a one-shot character in Donald Duck Comics.  Carl Barks, his creator, intended to only use him once in "Christmas on Bear Mountain", but the Walt Disney company liked him so much that he would become a recurring character.  Eventually he got his own comic entitled "UNCLE $CROOGE" and the rest is history!

$crooge McDuck facts:
Uncle $crooge McDuck has a three cubic acre money bin that was designed by the famous Andrew Lloyd Wright!
$crooge McDuck is the richest Duck in the world and likes to refer to himself as the Money Champion.
His arch-rivals Flintheart Glomgold and John D. Rockerduck often try to wrest this title from him!


$crooge McDuck has more money than was reported by FORBES magazine.  $ 44.1 Billion?  Baloney!
$crooge McDuck is clearly identified as a Quadrillionaire in the Ducktales cartoon, and in the comics he has over a Multiplujillion dollars in cash!  44.1 Billion dollars is more like what he has in his petty cash pile in the ole Money Bin!

FORBES magazine should be ashamed of themselves for printing such unreliable data from someone that obviously does not know what he's talking about!
Plus, the Fictional 15 list is now full of Vampires, Dragons and Criminals!?  WTF?
$crooge McDuck's fortune includes 3 cubic acres of vintage coinage and star sapphires!
A solid gold 24k  moon is also rumored to be held on his behalf by a consortium of NASA and Duckberg astronauts!

UNCLE $CROOGE, $crooge McDuck and Donald Duck are (TM) of the Walt Disney company and are registered and copyrighted by the Walt Disney corporation in the USA and international media in all formats.  Any commercial use of these characters by anyone must have the expressed written permission of the Walt Disney consortium of companies or face litigation by a veritable army of lawyers.