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Nicole Santos Is Dead!
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Nicole Santos

Radical Candidate Nicole Santos Eliminated by U.S. Special Forces Team: SEAL TEAM SIX!

The CIA has confirmed that Radical Candidate Nicole Santos was killed in a nighttime raid by Seal Team Six - the same Special Forces Team that killed Osama Bin Laden!

Using Malware on Facebook, Nicole Santos tried to steal the 2012 Election in the USA!  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg implored Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano to look into the threat posed by Nicole Santos.
Eventually, CIA chief Leon Panetta learned through Anonymous Sources that Nicole Santos was a high-level operative of an international terrorist organization similar to Al-Queda or Google.
It was then decided to approach the President about dispatching a team to deal with this threat.  President Obama was summoned from a secure golf course to the White House for an emergency meeting about Nicole Santos.
At that meeting, CIA chief Panetta recommended a Special Forces Team be dispatched to eliminate the threat posed by Nicole Santos.
Seal Team 6, fresh back from the successful strike that got Osama Bin Laden was chosen for the task and dispatched to an unknown location to kill Nicole Santos.
Ms. Santos was caught sleeping in her safehouse where Seal Team 6 found her and her terror network dispensing malware to steal the 2012 Election in the United States.  She and her operatives were quickly neutralized by the Special Forces Troops that suffered no casualties!
A report from the Pentagon confirmed earlier today that Nicole Santos is indeed dead.  CIA and NSA operatives are currently looking over materials seized on flash drives and disks from Nicole Santos' terror safehouse.
They believe she may have connections to other terror groups and the Communist 
Party USA.

Our Candidate


Linda McMahon of WWE fame is favored to win the 2012 Election with the demise of Nicole Santos.


Radical Candidate Eliminated By Seal Team Six